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Masuimi Max

23rd October 2018
Four years and finally all of KONTINUUM is online so now you can finally see what became of poor Billy. A few changes ‘under the hood’ as well. Also a couple more covers on the rarities page

29th October 2014

WHAT? No updates here since 2011??!! We are BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

Anyways, thought I'd drop in, whack up a new hastily chucked together pic, and let'cha know it's… the 30th ANNIVERSARY OF THE PANDORA STRIP this year! Yep, you read that right - 30. More than 29, less than 31. And we're talkin' the whole caboodle(what ever a 'caboodle' is…) - includin' both PANDORA  PEROXIDE and PANDORA! And, to celebrate, there will be an interview with me, yours truly, in the very next issue of Kerrang!, out this coming Wednesday (or Thursday afternoon in Outer Mongolia), October 1, 2014!  And, personally, I can't wait to read what I had to say!  I'll wager I'm bleedin'  hilarious. You'll say, "I love this guy - I want to adopt him as my Grandpa!". And you can. I have absolutely no pension plan.

So. Yeah. To anyone readin' this who ever took the time to appreciate a Pandora strip over these many years, I salute you. Truly. You rock beyond rock. Which, might make you a boulder. But, that's not important right now. Thanks for being there, we couldn't have done it without you.

Now, when exactly can I move in? And I'll be needin' a big comfy chair aimed at the TV...



29th November 2011

GOTTA say a gigantic thank you to fetish model supreme Masuimi Max for doin’ a  sizzlin’ sesh in my my T-shirts, with her hubby photographer Morat. It beyond rules!

Also, y’gotta check out the latest ish o’ Kerrang! (1392, Metallica cover), which features an interview with yours truly by K! Features Editor, Nick Ruskell. Met ‘im down my local boozer. He stole my words in his voice-stealin’ gizmo an’ grilled me on the history of me an’ my Auntie P. Also, I got to clear up some blatant misconceptions. So, go me!

Right, an’ just in case I don’t rock back before the New Year - Merry Xmas to ya,  an’ don’t forget to brush near yer gums.



18th June 2008

Just to let'cha know there are NEW STRIPS of both ME an' me AUNTIE P. Plus a buncha new KONTINUUM strips for you to sigh at an' feel sorry for BILLY blue-boy. Oh, an' my tech-wizard SHELLEY has done some navigational tweakin' to make it a tad easier for you boyz an' girlz to bop around the universe of the Zell.

What else? Hmm. Oh yeah, for those of you who had to wait a bit (don't shoot me - I'm just the star of the strip...) for yer PANDORA an' BITCH SHIRTS, fear not, we've had a whole NEW BATCH cooked up, an' they'll be wingin' their way to you faster than u can say 'pink jellybeans on crack' a billion times backwards. Which means, we now have a limited amount more to flog, before we either go onto a brand new design or ditch the whole merch thing an' kick the whole cheese an' pickle sandwich takeaway chain into operation.

That's all fer now - see u in the funny papers.



31st October 2007



Lots of updates. Everything has been updated. New pages of Pandora, Auntie P, Kontinuum...and I’ve put up some stuff in the rarities section - old Kerrang! covers that feature Auntie P.

Trick or Treat? TREAT!

Have fun tonight.


15th July 2007

Well... firstly let me apologise. Sorry.  

Okay now that’s out the way. You can blame Pandora for the delay, she’s been giving me endless grief and has this notion that she’s going to take over the whole website.

“Who is this ‘Ray Zell’?” she enquires.


All I could do, for now, is make sure I put up another page of archive Pandora strips, most which are all about her and nobody else but her.

I have also uploaded the next page of Kontinuum. It’s all starting to make sense now. I think?

Those of you who haven’t visited the shop yet...  you know who you are, best make amends.

Did someone say Summer?


10th April 2007

Happy After Easter. Go check out Kontinuum pronto, because we get to find out what Billy did after Diana asked him that know the one.


26th March 2007

Fer cryin’ out loud, if Zell can’t get his bloody act together to write the bulletins for his own website - then I’m gonna do it!!!

Right. First off, for an Easter treat, we’re slashin’ the price of my T-shirts, etc. Go! Buy! Look hot! Get chocolate stains down ‘em!

Kontinuum. That bastard K! strip which dared to match my popularity back in the Nineties. Remember, we’re continually whackin’ up Billy’s further misadventures in his voyage into sex, metal and...well, bein’ generally blue.  Go! Read! An’ learn some K! history along the way!

What else is goin’ on? Hmmm. Oh yeah, look out for the new ish of Arena which features Zell artwork alongside a feature on female stereotypes... or sumfin’. You’ll know the ish, there’ll be a pic of Zell on the contributors page - so, there’ll be no talkin’ to him for a month.

Which... actually, isn’t a bad thing....

Funniest recent incident: Zell goin’ to New York to see The Wildhearts play, only to have Ginger an’ Co cancel their US tour the day before Zell was headin’ out! SUCKER!!!!!!!!!

Pandora X! X! X!

8th February 2007

IT’S SNOWING! How brilliant. I’m going for a walk around the park but before I do, I can tell you that there is a new page of Pandora strips and the next 7 episodes of Kontinuum are up.  Right - I’m off.


20th January 2007

A new year for us and a new year for Billy. Last time we saw him he meet Jen, fell in love, and got dumped for the lead singer of Fortress. The new year however sees Billy getting lucky - so to speak - and deciding what he’ll do with his life. Click here to find out.


UPDATES - 28th December 2006

Well the turkey sandwiches are on the table and the telly is a bit boring, I hope santa gave you everything you asked for.

The next page of Continuum strips is up, and there is a new page of Pandora strips for you to eat up.

After New Year I’ll try get some ‘other stuff’ online, that’ll be fun.

So till then have a HAPPY NEW YEAR.


UPDATES - 9th December 2006

Blame Christmas but mostly blame my ISP because this update is really late. Apparently I have ‘no upstream’ ?? So I’ve only managed to get the next page of Continuum strips up. Sorry. I am however laying out a few more Pandora pages of strips to upload, so you can look forward to that for next time. My ISP has said they’re sending an engineer round to install a new modem, so hopefully the updates will not be at the whim of them but rather at the whim of myself and ray.

Thanks for your patience.


Hiya!        01/12/06

They said it couldn't be done. Or... did they say it 'shouldn't' be done? Can't remember. But, whatever, is FINALLY here! YAY! Not meanin' to sound egomaniacal, but it's basically - the Universe of ME.

HA! All the crap I've done over the years brought together for the first time to dazzle yer senses and, well... maybe help ya kill ten minutes in that eerie half light betwixt night an' day when sleep is just not on the menu. You'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll exclaim, "Just how old is this bastard, and how come

he can't draw any better than this after all these fuckin' years?!".




We have only put a tiny amount of stuff up because there is SO much!. It will be going up over the coming months. As a website exclusive we are re-running Continuum from the start and updating it every week. It’s all about poor Billy

Please join the forum too and get talking, ask questions and all that forumy stuff.

Oh yes, we now have official merch as designed by Ray, so get yours for Christmas and any other day.




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