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Pandora Peroxide
Pandora Peroxide - Blonde

BELIEVE IT or not, in the prototype Pandora Peroxide comic strip, she was a gossip columnist!  I sent the strip to some pop mag, which (luckily, in retrospect!) pretty much folded the week Pandora landed on their mat...

For some reason though, I thought the name was too good to waste.  Pandora Peroxide.  It just seemed to roll round the tongue and wedge in the brain.  Her toxic surname?  I can’t quite recall the reasoning, but her first name was definitely inspired by the Aerosmith track ‘Sweet Pandora’.  Thus, it seemed obvious she should undergo a complete makeover and ultimately be sent to Kerrang! which, by the way, back then in 84, was a monthly publication!

My muses of mayhem for Pandora Mk ll were Plasmatics powderkeg Wendy O Williams (RIP), who, to me, was like the female Lemmy, and Beki Bondage of Vice Squad - forever the definitive princess of punk.  Oh, and let’s not forget Alice Cooper; I totally stole her Bitch Bitch top from a T-shirt Alice wore for the encore of his Special Forces set, which read ‘Bitch Bitch Bitch’....

I personally saw Pandora as bein’ a chain-smokin’, Jack Daniel’s guzzlin’ punky biker chick.  I obviously screwed up in the perceptions of some, as, along the way, she would oft be considered an ultimate glam rocker!  I even remember bein’ mortified upon readin’ a description of her as wearin’ SPANDEX!?!  See, I considered she was wearin’ leather strides!  I s’pose I gotta blame a poster a friend had on his wall of a kneeling biker chick, who was wearin’ leather trousers which zipped at the side - as that’s what Pandora was SUPPOSED to be wearin’!  These days, if I draw leathers... I make damn bleedin’ sure there’s a definite button and zip at the front!!!

Anyways, I drew two half-page b&w strips, whacked ‘em in an an envelope, sent ‘em to legendary Kerrang! Editor Geoff Barton with a note brazenly declarin’, “Here’s yer new comic strip, when would you like the next episode?”.  ASTOUNDINGLY, within a week or somethin’, I got a response from Geoff, informin’ me that the first two strips were already in the process of bein’ printed as a full-pager in Kerrang!’s quarterly sister mag ‘Extra Kerrang!’ issue 2, and that they’d soon need a new Pandora strip for the regular weekly K! - issue 76!  FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!  To put it mildly...

And there it began.  The blonde bombshell was unleashed into the Heavy Metal universe to pester the hell out of its inhabitants.  Well, except for Lemmy.  Pandora liked Lemmy. She even went on to feature (along with fellow K! comic strip stars Brick Outhouse...) in two free K! Komiks! and on two K! front covers (issue 470, ‘93 with Aerosmith and issue 520, ‘94, with Skin).

The fun lovin’ high velocity party gal didn’t really reveal she had a dark side, until 1994, when Blaze Bayley left her beloved Wolfsbane to join Iron Maiden.  She dyed her hair black, went into mourning and vowed she’d never go peroxide again until Blaze rejoined Wolfsbane.  And... he never did.  Shithead.  Formerly, a howling mad one.

Come late ‘95, and the Pandora Peroxide strip ‘mysteriously’ disappeared for a couple of months, only to return, just as ‘mysteriously’, in issue 24, Feb ‘96, in a conspicuously younger grunge-brat incarnation.  It was all a bit odd at first, but things eventually smoothed out, as time would reveal that the new Peroxide-less Pandora, was in fact, the niece of the original, thus pavin’ the way for the occasional cameos of dear, sweet ‘Auntie P’....

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